The American dream does not come from working for someone else
Own your own!
Here are some staggering global sales statistics on the growing impact that the Network Marketing Industry is having on the Economy. 

In 2012 alone, comparative sales for:
National Football League $9.5 Billion
Music Industry - $16.5 Billion
Video Gaming - $67 Billion
Movie Industry - $80 Billion
Organic Products - $91 Billion
NETWORK Marketing - $167 Billion

Are you 10 to 15 years from Retirement?  Do you have enough in the bank to retire comfortably?  Are you a solopreneur, microentrepreneur or maybe a boomerpreneur! Many people over 50 are looking at retirement and wondering how they are going to make it on Social Security because they have no saving to speak of.  A residual income business is less than $500 to start and can provide the income boost you need with very little effort. Both Forbes and NPR recommend a residual income business for the boomers looking at or already in retirement.  Residual income is money you continue to accumulate after you perform the work.

Marketing Business Associates is here to help you find the business that fits your needs. Forbes magazine says that a home based business creates an excellent additional income.  Network Marketing is a method of part time employment that can dramatically increase your bank account and supplement your retirement without a large time or investment  commitment.

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