The American dream does not come from working for someone else -
own your own!
Easy Start Business

An Easy start business is a home based business.   An easy start business requires no hard assets and no employees. There is no brick and motor store.  That means you have very little start up costs and very little to lose. Instead of tens of thousands of dollars to start your business, they usually cost less than $500 to start and less than $20 per month to maintain.  

You spread the word about the company and its product.  Our companies send you a check for doing the marketing and advertising that leads to any sales. You do not make any money unless something sells, however Our companies store the products for you, take the orders for you, and deal with the credit cards and ship the products to your customers. There is nothing stored in your closets that you must get rid of. These are the future businesses of the Online Internet World Wide Web!

You succeed or fail through your own effort. 
There is no one to blame for failure
and no one to praise for success
except you!