The American dream
does not come from working in someone Else's business -
Own your own

About Us
Rodger Rossman is Managing Partner in Marketing Business Associates.  He has three associate degrees in computer programming and electronics, a bachelor degree in Biology and a master degree in Psychology. 

He has been a cook, a waiter, a H.S. teacher, a college professor, a manager, a systems and network administrator and a chief information officer.

We have been part of many home businesses and business entities and have been running our own home business for many years.  We have a great deal of experience creating and setting up home based businesses.  If you are not interested in MLM but you want to start your own home business, aside from the franchises available in MLM, we can put you in touch with a hosting company, help you pick the domain name for your business and create your initial web site.

Phone: 252-340-5714