1. Many products include toxins that may not harm you in small quantities, but when so many products contain those chemicals, you get toxic overload.  Our products are toxin free!  We have no toxic chemicals in our products. 
  2. To be trusted a product needs to be backed by a good company.  Our company is the only Muscadine company with an FDA certification that says that our manufacturing process meets their standards and our labeling is accurate. 
  3. Our company has spent over 30 million dollars in research conducted by laboratories in the United States.  Third party unaffiliated facilities have confirmed the amount of phytochemicals in Muscadines.
  4. Our products contain phenolic nutrients from Muscadines.  When you search for Muscadine research you find lots of studies dedicated to this fruit which grows naturally ONLY in the USA!
  5. Stanford Health Care describes phenolics as: [extremely powerful, ... studied for a variety of health benefits including slowing the aging process, protecting against heart disease and tumors, and fighting inflammation, allergies, and blood clots].
  6. Nature's Pearl products are manufactured in the U.S.A
  7. Our main product is an all natural, vegetarian, organic, whole food supplement with 30 million dollars of research behind it.  Our Protein powder is Organic and Vegetarian as well as Gluten, Dairy and Soy FREE. Our Personal Care products are all Toxin Free 
Be a better healthier version of yourself
You can purchase Nature's Pearl products and many other quality products at retail price from Our home business page.  Just select the "country" and language" you prefer and then click "Save". Then select your desired products. Thank you for your business:

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Besides a great product,
you also need a great business entity.
WHY choose the Nature's Pearl company?
30 million dollars of research and FDA Certification!

The best advertising is positive word of mouth comments.  To build a word of mouth business you need great products, but you have to be backed by a great company. Not only has Nature's Pearl supported research of their product, they have taken the time to get certified and verified! As of 2107 Nature's Pearl is the only Muscadine company in the world with an FDA certification - which states that our manufacturing process meets FDA standards and our labeling is accurate.  They also took the next step and got their products verified by a third party - Brunswick Labs.  The company supports their products and puts their money where their mouth is!!

Nature's Pearl manufactures unique health products in a time where the entire world is looking for better health.

There are sports personalities that use our products.
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Are you looking for a home based business?
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The American dream does not come
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What would you do if you could double your yearly income? You could replace a roof. Your could upgrade your kitchen. How does your lawn look, could you make it better if you had the money? Lots of people need car repairs. I want a bigger television and newer better computer. I want to take my wife on a nice vacation! Most Importantly to me - I want to retire early and then enjoy my old age and pay for GREAT in-home nursing care! Medicaid won't do that! Neither will the income most people retire on. When you retire you will want to maintain your income! Does any of that ring a bell for you? What would you do if you could double your income and decrease your time commitment to a job?

This business can give you your dreams with minimal time and money investment. You can become a distributor and get a replicated "home page" for shopping with a one time cost of just $25. There are no monthly fees! There are no products to store in your home. Simply swap where you shop and help others to shop at your "home page" too! The company stores the products in warehouses, ship the products, handles the purchases, and pays you for your marketing efforts. If you and your customers spend a minimum of $100 on items from your store then you get 8% of your cost returned to you and 8% of any customer's purchases as-well-as 8% of any business from distributors who started a NP/Youngevity business because of your efforts. Those other distributors are called your second level. That is why it is called a Multi-Level business. How many times has someone purchased an item from a store because you talked about it and you got NOTHING back from that store when the person purchased an item. You did the marketing and advertising for - free! NP/ Youngevity pays you a percentage of your customer's and other distributor's purchases as payment for your marketing efforts. You can go as wide as you want and get paid 8 levels deep.

The company is growing rapidly! Nature's Pearl recently joined the Youngevity group.  Youngevity is a synergistic symbiotic combination of organizations into one corporation giving members access to more products, more distributors and more distribution centers in a world wide network! Youngevity revenue in 2017 was over 170 Million dollars!  You can start a Nature's Pearl / Youngevity business in any of these countries: The United States, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and so many more!

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
What is the The MLM Business Model?
REbates gives people a refund for their purchases. 
People never actually make more money than they spend,
because they only get rebates based on their own purchases. 
An MLM business gives rebates based on more than your own purchases.
Also, MLM companies offer the ability to build residual income.

Once an author finishes writing a book the author gets paid every time the book sells without doing any other work. The author does no more work but continues to get paid for the work he already finished. This is called residual income.  However, once someone buys the book, they don't purchase it a second time!  Therefore to get residual income to continue, a business needs a consumable product that everyone will want to purchase again & Again & AGAIN.   Most people who use Nature's Pearl supplements for only one month, want to continue using them and try the other products!  Nature's Pearl pays you for advertising and marketing their products based on sales in your organization through 8 levels. They manufacture, store and ship the products, handle the sales and send you a check for the profit and down-line percentages. You use the products and talk to people about the company. 

sent the person purchasing product to the store,
then YOU
should get something in return for your efforts!

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getting a percentage of rebates
based on your own marketing efforts
and get back more than you spend!!

Nature's Pearl has spent over 30 million dollars testing their product in the laboratory
with animals and in human clinical trials.
We are thrilled by the results attained so far!
Here is a PDF which shows some
of the research done on Muscadines

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Nature's Pearl Independent Distributor number 2304
Youngevity Independent Distributor number 101683075
Phone: 252-340-5714

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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